Leaks And Floods :: by Hal Lindsey

 It has becoming more and more obvious that the CIA documents recently released by WikiLeaks are genuine. The documents discuss the agency’s use of computer programs designed to breach the security of smartphones, smart TVs, computers, and the rapidly expanding category known as “the internet of things.” The CIA apparently has a team dedicated to Apple products, and another working on programs that will allow them to take control of self-driving cars.

None of this is surprising. We task them with keeping track of enemies and hunting down terrorists who hide in the shadows. When it comes to ISIS, al-Qaeda, North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China, my concern is that we have too little information.

Most of us agree that we want that kind of surveillance. But such tools can also be turned inward. When Stalin ran the Soviet Union, he had secret police, wiretaps, and communities full of government informants. He had spies everywhere. But he had nothing compared with what’s available today…. [read more]