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What If The Future Is Here – Amir Tsarfati and Pastor J.D. Farag

For more Olive Tree Ministries Resources click here: Jan Markell’s guests include Amir Tsarfati in Israel and Pastor J.D. Farag, Calvary Chapel, Kaneohe, Hawaii. Amir and Pastor Farag state that they feel end-time issues have speeded up thanks to President Trump. Evil forces, including the global elite, are furious. Amir feels 2017 will be a year of disasters and decisions and all discuss the issues that are speeding up God’s eschatological clock amidst a church that is sound asleep. Amir explains his burden to teach on the Rapture this year. Learn more about Amir Tsarfati at and don’t miss Farag’s weekly prophecy updates on YouTube.

lhwm notes: Powerful message! Visit our bible prophecy page to view more videos like this one each week. They are powerful, truthful and give you insight on what is going on around the world. Check our page out.


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