1 Dead, Multiple Injuries Reported in 30-Vehicle Pileup in Pennsylvania

Snowy conditions led to a 30-vehicle pileup in Pennsylvania.

One person was killed in the wreck.

Multiple injuries were reported.

Snow squalls led to a number of pileups on roadways in Pennsylvania on Friday, including a 30-vehicle pileup on Interstate 81 in Schuylkill County that killed one person.

According to WNEP, Charles Ehrenberg, 55, of Hazelton died as a result of injuries sustained in the wreck that occurred at mile marker 135 near McAdoo. Medical helicopters, as well as ambulances, responded to attend to at least 23 others who were hospitalized with injuries.

“There was a squall line with moderate to heavy snow, very low visibility and winds up to 30 mph moving through the area at the time,” weather.com meteorologist Jonathan Belles said.

The northbound lane where the pileup occurred remains closed, according to PA Homepage.

Crashes were also reported on Interstate 80 in Clinton County and Interstate 99 in Centre County, according to the Associated Press. [Full Source]


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