American Women – Would You Enjoy Being Beaten Up?

by Pat Franklin

Fact: Islam condones beating women. The Koran declares: ‘…when you go to bed, hit them.’ This is in the ‘holy book of the muslim people’, Sura (chapter) 4:34. The Koran is supposedly a divine revelation to Islam’s founder, Muhammad, in the 7th century A.D. I wonder if the American women marching in protest would enjoy being beaten by their husbands in bed?

Fact: I personally saw a young girl in Morocco who came to me in tears. She held out her arms. Both her hands had been cut off. To this day I feel great guilt that I could not help her. All I can do is tell her terrible story, the girl with no hands, and tell the truth about Islam.

Had the girl stolen something? Sharia law has no mercy. The Bible, on the other hand, says: ‘He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but work, doing something useful with his own hands.’ Ephesians 4:28 Our God is full of mercy and loving kindness. He wants people to come to repentance and believe in Jesus, His only begotten Son. Allah, the false god of Islam, is the exact opposite of our loving heavenly Father…. [read more]

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