Large wildfire engulfs Valparaiso, Chile

Large wildfire engulfs Valparaiso, Chile

A massive wildfire engulfed the Chilean port city of Valparaiso on January 2, 2017. At least 100 homes have been destroyed, more than 400 people were evacuated and 19 injured. City authorities have issued a maximum red alert.

The blaze broke out in the Laguna Verde area and spread to Playa Ancha hill near Valparaiso on Monday, January 2, 2017.

As of early January 3 (UTC), there are 4 active forest fires in the Valparaiso region. Fires in Parcela Regimiento Maipo, Bucalemu, Basural El Molle and Quepilcho have been affecting respectively 40 ha (99 acres), 1 200 ha (2 965 acres), 10 ha (24.7 acres) and 7 ha (17.3 acres) of land… [read more]


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