Powerful Ways to Transform Your Thought Life

clock-64265_640…….What We See and Hear, Matters
This one can be tough, but it’s true. Everything we watch, listen to, the friends we make, and environments we dwell within, directly affect our thought life. I clung to many an HBO series before realizing it wasn’t doing me any good watching shows full of sex, violence, and basic debauchery—no matter how well it distracted me from how much guacamole I consumed. Same thing with music. I’ve slowly morphed into one of those Christians I said I’d never become, now only listening to Christian music…at home, in the car, at work…my life is pretty much a Hillsong concert. It sounds extreme, but I noticed a definite difference listening to secular music, even just instrumental (Emancipator, I do miss you) because it doesn’t edify the spirit. It’s simple to shrug off entertainment as harmless, non-influential parts of life we should be able to partake in, but there’s a spirit behind all these mediums that are most times written, produced, and created by people living without the presence of God. I’m not pledging to cancel the cable or Hulu account, but there are definite standards we should set in terms of what we allow into our minds…… [read more]

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