UK Parliament To “Immediately” Debate Trump Ban After Millions Sign Petition

Update: During a joint press conference with Irish leader Kenny, UK PM Theresa May confirms Trump’s invite still stands…


A petition to ban President Donald Trump from visiting The UK has now received over one million signatures and the UK parliament has just agreed to immediately hold a three-hour debate on the decision.

Since we posted yesterday the signature count has risen from 400,000 to 1.4 million…[read more]

lhwm opinion: People do not like it when you stand and protect your own. This is coming from a country that has no go zones. The UK being a part of the E.U. was policed by the E.U. — meaning the E.U. told them what to do. They became tired of the E.U. pressuring them to take in all these immigrants so they voted to leave the E.U. — hence Brexit. The following videos are showing you what is happening in the U.K. since they were pressured to bring in all these immigrants. This is what Trump is looking to prevent. Do you agree?

Warning of the language, it is bleeped out, but a warning. This is a person living in the UK.

These videos clearly show that the Islamic faith does not assimilate itself into another’s culture. It looks to take over their culture.

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