GMO Apples Coming To Your Store!

Graphic of baby in Snow White costume holding an apple with text that reads: Say NO to GMO apples #NoGMOEven though the first GMO apple was approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture in February 2015, we can still keep it off our plates by getting major food companies to keep it off the market. McDonald’s, Gerber and Wendy’s state that they have no plans to sell genetically engineered apples. But other companies are dragging their feet. We need Burger King and others to commit not to sell GMO apples.

Any way you slice it, a rotten idea
It started with the Arctic® Apple. Now, Intrexon, a leader in the next generation of GMOs, is pushing for the release of another variety of GMO apple. Both are engineered to suppress the production of an enzyme that causes browning when sliced or bruised. But browning in apples can be prevented naturally by applying lemon juice or another source of vitamin C. Why take unnecessary risks for a purely cosmetic trait?… [read more]

GMO Apples And Potatoes Approved By FDA; Labeling Not Required

ApplesThe agency didn’t say it would require companies to label the produce as being genetically modified. “In certain circumstances, characteristics of these varieties of apples and potatoes that differ from their conventional counterparts may require disclosure to the consumer,” it said. It also advised J.R. Simplot and Okanagan in separate letters, “It is a producer’s or distributor’s responsibility to ensure that labeling of the foods it markets meets applicable legal requirements.”

The apples and potatoes were approved as part of a voluntary consultation process in which the FDA reviewed information submitted by the companies about how the foods had been changed on a molecular level and how they compared nutritionally with conventional apples and potatoes. The agency’s statement said it had “no additional food safety questions” related to Arctic apples and Innate potatoes…. [read more]


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