Report: George Soros Tied to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of Anti-Trump Women’s March

Hillary-Clinton-George-Soros-Getty-640x480 Billionaire George Soros has provided financing to or has close relationships with at least 56 “partners” of yesterday’s “Women’s March on Washington,” according to a report at a website affiliated with the New York Times. Writing the website for Women in the World, a summit in a joint venture with The New York Times, former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Q. Nomani relates her findings on the Soros ties to the march. The Women in the World site is hosted by the Times….

…. (down further) Many of the march “partners” are financed by Soros, including: Sierra Club, Amnesty International,, NAACP, Green For All, Center for Constitutional Rights, Human Rights Watch,, NARAL Pro-Choice, People for the American Way and Planned Parenthood.

The march is led by the following four co-chairs:

  • Tamika D. Mallory, whose bio says she “has worked closely with the Obama Administration as an advocate for civil rights issues, equal rights for women, health care, gun violence, and police misconduct.” She also served on the transition committee of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio… [read more]

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