A Trump Reprieve for America?

hallindsayBy Hal Lindsey

In 760 BC, one of the most important cities in the most powerful empire of its time, repented of its sin and turned to God.

The case proves once and for all that no one should take credit when God works through him or her. God took extraordinary measures just to get Jonah to go to Nineveh. The prophet was used greatly, but not the way he wanted to be used. He didn’t want the people to repent or the city to be saved. His message was hard, and there was nothing winsome in his presentation of it. But the people did repent, and Nineveh’s well-earned destruction was put off for more than a century.

Many evangelical Christians see Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency as a similar reprieve for the United States. Let’s suppose, for a moment, that President Trump is right on all the big policy positions he took in the campaign. I’m not saying it’s true, but try to imagine that President Trump will take the smartest possible positions on the economy, immigration, tax reform, the budget, environmental protection, foreign policy, security against terror, and the use of military power. No human is right all the time, but to prove a point, let’s take that leap of imagination and say that he is right on all these matters of policy…. [read more]

“Did you pray for Donald Trump when he was running for President? It is human nature to stop praying for him now that he has entered that office. But that would be a terrible mistake. If you love America, now is our time to pray for him as never before.”


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