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Video: 5 of the Darkest Facebook Secrets

maxresdefaultFacebook, as many of us already know, has a few dirty secrets. While it offers undeniable benefits, such as being able to easily communicate and stay up to date with your friends and family, and providing a platform to share your views, it does come with a price. Facebook has been widely known to spy on its users, for example, and participate in many other privacy invasions.

But how much do these things actually affect us? Are these practices enough to stop us from using it? The following 5 secrets may just help you decide.

1. Double Dealing

As many of us have already learned watching the popular 2010 film about the creation of Facebook, The Social Network, Zuckerberg stole a program designed by the Winklevoss brothers, originally called He was supposed to be helping them develop their social network, but instead borrowed many of their ideas for his own project, Perhaps worse than the theft itself, Zuckerberg later bragged of his deception and how he benefitted from it… [read more]


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