God gave holocaust survivor the will to live

In the closing days of WWII, a British soldier found her almost lifeless body collapsed amid a pile of corpses at Bergen-Belsen. Thousands died from forced starvation and disease before the liberation of this notorious Nazi concentration camp—but one young Jewish woman found God’s belsen-childrenstrength to survive.

“God had a purpose to save me to tell my story,” says Magda Herzberger, 90, a poet, lecturer, composer and author of four books. Herzberger survived three Nazi death camps during her nightmarish ordeal. For the past 41 years, she’s lectured at schools, universities, churches and through various media appearances.

She was only in fourth grade when “bad things” started happening in her native city of Cluj, Romania. The Romanian government was seduced by the ascendant Nazi and Fascist movements, and anti-Semitic laws began to be enacted. The number of Jews who could attend public schools was drastically limited. On the first day of class, the Jewish students were told to stand and identify themselves as Jews. “We were humiliated in class,” Herzberger recalls… [read more]


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