FINALLY Obamacare is falling and Democrats have no answer – BIG fight in Congress looms

Vice President-elect Pence to meet with GOP lawmakers on dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare battle in Congress starts today with Pence visit.

President Obama took his motorcade to Capitol Hill Monday to huddle with congressional Democrats about how to protect his signature policy.

Obama plots strategy with Democrats to protect Obamacare

The extraordinary meeting came as the incoming vice president, Mike Pence, held a similar strategy session with with Republicans across the Capitol. With President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration now just 16 days away, Republicans are laying the procedural groundwork to dismantle the the law known as Obamacare — the 2010 health insurance law that Obama has been able to protect only through his veto pen.

So with demise of Obamacare apparently a foregone conclusion, the question for both camps is what to replace it with… [read more]


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