Falsely Speaking On The Rapture

We are slowly adding all of LHWM sermons to our website. This might be an oldie but how it seems so true today, enjoy!

This is a powerful message on one person speaking falsely against God’s Word and in this situation the atheist threw a party. In the article titled ” Atheists counter prediction of doom with ‘Rapture party’ ” it states:

Atheist groups across the country — including in the Puget Sound area — are hosting “Rapture parties” in response to a prediction by a Christian radio broadcaster that the Rapture will occur May 21.

Christians are mocked because people compare us to man and not God. Unbelievers will not compare us to God they will just make fun of us and want us to go away. Now we have a Christian radio broadcaster who is proclaiming when the rapture will take place. This is very sad because apparently this person does not know this scripture… [read and listen to sermon]


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