Nations Ready To Come Against Israel

Nations Pounding On Israel

Refused to speak unless Israeli flag was removed. How can there be peace when there is no respect? According to the article ” Flag Law approved in committee ” they approved a flag law which will allow a country to place their flag at a public event. They even have to state not to change or alter the flags symbols. How sad this is that we have to create a law that forces us to respect each other and to provide equal treatment across the board.

While you have the flag law going on now we have another event that took place against Israel during the Christmas season. America’s “Wreck it Ralph” is at it again. This time, President Obama decided to give Israel one last (we can only pray) kick in the behind before he leaves office. On December 23, the U.N. Security Council brought a resolution to a vote declaring that the settlements Israel had built on and occupied since 1967 have “no legal validity.”[read more]


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