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Neighbors save woman’s home from foreclosure

HUDSON (FOX 13) – 89-year-old Angie Tyma lived in the same house in Hudson for 35 years, until last month, when she was evicted.

Tyma, who once owned the home, sold it several years ago after her husband passed away to a man who agreed to let her continue to live there by paying rent.

When foreclosure notices began to come in the mail, Tyma realized the man was not using the money to pay the mortgage. “He lied! I said, ‘Your hands are going to burn on the bible,'” said Tyma after speaking to the man, who lives in Europe… [read more]

lhwm notes: Good to see the helping of others


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One thought on “Neighbors save woman’s home from foreclosure

  1. Praise God for caring hearts! What was meant for evil God turned into good 🙂


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