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Do You Struggle With Your Body Image?

breaking free by LHWMDo you struggle with how your body looks? Do you criticize your body?

Today body image is a high and powerful pull, and it pulled me. Our struggle with our body image comes from many avenues. Mine came from abuse. No matter the cause, they lead to the same place, hating the way you look.

My battle with body image included critiquing every part of my body and seeing everything I thought was wrong with me. I would look at myself in the mirror and see a 1000 lb woman (though I was not). I would starve myself or eat as little as I could while taking diet pills. I did this for years until my body starting fighting back through sickness. I knew and wanted change but I didn’t know how to change. I believed so many lies and they were entrenched into my mind… [read more]


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