Hitler’s former maid recalls life in the fuhrer’s private estate

Elizabeth Kalhammer, now 92, worked at Hitler’s private estate from 1943 to 1945. What was it like to serve one of the most evil people in history? Elisabeth Kalhammer knows firsthand. When she was 19-years-old, Kalhammer began working at the Berghof, Adolf Hitler’s private Bavarian Alps estate in the town of Obersalzberg, Germany. For two years, she worked as a maid, serving Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun.

Now 92-years-old, she has largely kept her former job a secret for the past 70 years. However, she has opened up in recent years and her interview with the Israel Broadcasting Corporation (set to replace the Israel Broadcasting Authority), premiered last week.

Kalhammer said that her job at the estate was considered a high distinction, especially since she grew up poor in a small Austrian town.

The estate itself was decorated in what she described as an “ancient German style.” Every day, staff would have to personally greet Eva Braun in their uniforms designed by her, saying “Heil, kind lady” and giving a Nazi salute… [wow! read more and video to watch]


4 thoughts on “Hitler’s former maid recalls life in the fuhrer’s private estate

  1. It has been claimed that Hitler and Eva escaped into seclusion.. and DNA testing confirmed the graves did not belong to him and Eva.. I am shocked how people still defend him.. spirit of confusion I guess.. Thank you for sharing the news!


      1. It is claimed that he did not commit suicide, that he escaped with his mistress to Argentina.. living until his 80’s, some debunk the story.. we may never know


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