Christians in China being targeted and killed for organ harvesting

Image: Christians in China being targeted and killed for organ harvesting

(NaturalNews) In 2006, two Canadian nationals began a journey that would reveal information so dark, it is deeply troubling to ponder, let alone believe. But in a world controlled by money, man is capable of doing anything to get it, including the harvesting of organs from living persons. The victim dies during this heinous and tortuous procedure. The body is then cremated. No evidence remains of the burnt human sacrifice yielding hearts, livers, kidneys, corneas and more. All in a days work for the burgeoning global organ transplant market in the People’s Republic of China.

But even without ashes or bones, David Kilgour, Esq., a former Asian administrator for Canada, and international human rights lawyer David Matas, Esq., were able to weave a damning indictment a decade ago called Bloody Harvest. This must-read treatise originally investigated unnerving claims; Chinese Falun Gong members were being killed for their organs and the lucrative international organ transplant marketplace…[read more]

lhwm notes: Lord our prayer goes out to our sisters and brothers who are being persecuted for your name sake. Lord give them courage and a peace that surpasses all. Fill their hearts with love and joy Lord. Be with them and comfort them during this difficult time, and we pray for protection upon them Lord. Just like children being abused this is tough to read, but we are in prayer for you.

We have a Prayer page that prays for those being persecuted. Please visit this page and lift your prayers to the Lord God Almighty. We need prayer warriors. Also you can read our bible study on LOVING YOUR ENEMIES, which some times is very difficult to do.


4 thoughts on “Christians in China being targeted and killed for organ harvesting

  1. Stop taking the organs of people. You would not want that done to you. We need to be good to people in this life to experience the next life that God has prepared for them that love him. Anti – Christ people rob the organs of people. They will not gain eternal life. Repent of your ways.


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