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Breitbart Sign A Petition To Dump Kelloggs Due to Racism

The progressive Kellogg cereal company, known for funding causes aimed at “white privilege,” “institutional racism,” and efforts to defeat voter ID laws, has been accused of standing by and doing nothing as employees at one of its New England distribution centers are daily subjected to mistreatment and racist name calling by management. One African American employee was even allegedly harassed with a picture of a baboon.

A number of employees of the cereal giant’s Franklin, Massachusetts, distribution center, which handles shipping of its Kellogg’s Keebler cookie products, have filed formal complaints and some lawsuits over alleged racial and sexual abuse by managers, according to a report by a local Rhode Island NBC affiliate…. [read more]

What Else Does Kellogg’s Do To US

You better believe the food you eat from Kellogg’s is not real food your consuming. It has been modified, changed and topped off with some yummy chemicals. MMMM, now does that sound good! Forget your taste buds, learn what your eating and what your feeding your children. It’s all about the MONEY, is it not? We hope this brings enlightenment, God Bless!

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