New alternatives to Twitter, Google, Facebook rapidly emerging: These sites won’t censor you

(NaturalNews) Are you hooked on social media or use it to promote your business or cause, but are sick and tired of the Left-wing tyrannical censorship of either your posts or those of real news organizations that Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo and others have arbitrarily deemed “fake?”

Never fear. There are alternatives already out there, with more on the way. Besides that, these current and forthcoming sites are true free speech zones where you can say and post what you want, without the fear that it will be censored by the communist nannies who run those other “mainstream” sites.
Launched last year by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and founder/editor of NaturalNews, this alternative media-friendly search engine has been growing in popularity ever since. is Adams’ attempt to build the Internet’s largest search…. [read more]

lhwm notes: On our side bar —> look to your right —>
We have a list of companies we use personally and for our business on day to day basis. We trust these companies! Your information should be private and companies back in the day used to respect that. Now it is our choice if we want our information public or private, therefore if you want your information to be yours then check out the companies we have listed.

PSS – Just like Hillary all her emails are being posted, because it is public information. Remember every time you send an email using a public email (yahoo, google, bing, social media, etc) your information to can be shared for the world to see.


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