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Do You Believe Everything The Media Tells You, FAKE NEWS!

Since Trump has won fake news is now a HOT Topic. The mainstream media has misrepresented news for years. It went so far as to have the government tell them what to post, what not to post, and how to say it. When you begin to connect the dots you learn what is truth and what is not. How do you learn, well like today fox5ny posted “California regulates cow farts“, seriously they posted on how they are going to regulate cow farts. Can we just throw a BIG LAUGH! Okay now back to this article if you read between the lines and line it up with scripture then you can see what they are truly talking about.

Let’s Take A Look At What They Are Really Saying

They are talking about controlling Food that comes from cows. What comes from cows that we eat almost everyday:
Milk, Beef, Butter, Buttermilk, Ice cream and etc. They also connected cows with global warming. How long have cows been around?…. [read more]


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