Grace – What does this truly mean

Grace is a word that people use in many situations, actions, and as a part of life but we do not know what this word truly means. How does grace impact your life? Do you know the definition of grace, God’s definition of it? What I do know is grace completely changes your life and calls you to be set apart unto God. Below is the definition of grace in the old testament (Hebrew) and in the new testament (Greek). We will keep this simple and learn what Grace means. Are you ready, let’s go!

Grace is listed in (The New Strong’s Complete Dictionary of Bible Words) 4 times:
Grace Definition from Strong’s Concordance in Hebrew and Greek
2580 h. OT (chen – favour, charm, elegance, acceptance)
8467 h. OT (techinnah – favour, supplication)
2143 g. NT (euprepeia – goodly appearance, shapeliness, beauty, comeliness)
5485 g. NT (charis – 1a) that which affords joy, pleasure, delight, sweetness, charm,…. [read more]


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