Mapping The New World Order: Connectography To Redefine Geography and Shape a Global Civilization

The Cabal is attempting to condition the masses into accepting a global map, through connectivity or “connectography.” The New World Order map will redefine current geography and shape a global civilization.

Imagine a world where borders no longer exist, state sovereignty doesn’t matter, and every single individual is connected to each other through technology that allows them to share thoughts rather than tweets instantaneously and wirelessly. Imagine a world where the map was not based on geopolitics but rather megacities, and infrastructure. Imagine a world where the map was not based on geography but rather based on mankind’s connectedness.

The New World Order map is coming to fruition through the removal of national borders and state Sovereignty. While the world collectivizes and heads towards and connectedness, the cabal is making their power play to remove individual liberty. The age of the “master builder” is rising to create vast megacities while the individual right to own land is diminishing. Technology is advancing to build immediate thought-based communication while individual right to privacy is vastly decreasing. The trend of the New World Order is evident, the cabal is defacing liberty to create slaves, and removing borders to diminish sovereignty. Such of which is how the cabal is mapping the agenda for a global order….. [read and watch more]


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