Tiny Little Israel Kept by God, and Everybody Wants a Piece of Her

tiny-little-israel-kept-by-God….. These articles make it clear Israel is seen as a nuisance and intruder.  Man believes it was his idea to re-create the land of Israel and 68 years later has decided it was a bad idea.  Each has their own view on how to get rid of Israel, the “occupier.”

Israel is attacked with physical violence from their neighbors and the international community attacks their economy and character.  They are cited for human rights violation even though they be-head no one, warn their enemy before attacking, and give medical aid to the wounded opposition.

Islam believes Israel is occupying their land.  This belief comes from the Qu’ran teaching that Ishmael was the son saved from being sacrificed by Abraham, not Isaac.  They believe the land covenant was made through Ishmael and the land belongs to them…. [read more]


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