Robot waiters fired after spilling drinks and food during restaurant service

Waiter robots were meant to be the latest technological advance to revolutionise the service industry. But the dining experience of the future might be missing serving bots after all, as a restaurant has fired theirs – because they’re not up to the job.

Spilling soup and drinks, and generally not coming up to the level of quality any of us would expect from staff when we go out to eat, means the little workers’ plan for domination has short circuited.

Despite a huge fanfare at the unveiling of the robotic waiters in restaurants, two of the forerunners have closed down, according to Workers’ Daily. And a third has fired all of its robots but one….. [read more]

LHWM Notes: With so much bad news these days, we thought a good laugh would be appropriate. Hope you enjoy this article for this one was to funny lol!