60,000 Iranians download Bible using new anonymous app

Tens of thousands of Iranians have downloaded the Bible in the past six months under a new initiative by Christian broadcaster SAT-7, despite intense restrictions by the Iranian government. More than 60,000 people in Iran have downloaded the Bible in whole or in part since September 2015, when SAT-7 opened a secure chat room service.

The messaging app, Telegram, allows users to send messages anonymously and SAT-7 to offer Christian programmes and secure Bible downloads. This service is especially pertinent in Iran, where social media platforms including Facebook are blocked, and the authorities closely monitor phone calls, text messages and emails. SAT-7 says it receives 2,000 messages a day from Iranian viewers, thanking it for providing a space for believers to talk and share their faith with one another. Many ask for prayer, or give testimonies of their faith. READ MORE

LHWM Notes: You can locate more reading here Article: SAT-7® and Faith Comes By Hearing® Partner to Bring Audio Scripture to Arab World via Satellite


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