Hollande to tell Obama Europe can’t wait for US war of attrition with ISIS to succeed – report

Hollande to tell Obama Europe can’t wait for US war of attrition with ISIS to succeed – reportFrench President François Hollande is to call for the US to review its strategy in fighting terrorist group Islamic State, arguing that Europe cannot wait for America’s long war of attrition with the jihadists to work, the Guardian reports.

Hollande is to meet US President Barack Obama on Tuesday next week before going to Russia for a visit. The French leader intends to make Obama aware of the extent of damage done to Europe by the developing refugee crisis and the rising threat of terrorist attacks, a European diplomat told the British newspaper…. read more

Editors Notes:  I repent of the sins of our nation. I repent that we elected a president who lies, steels, and is destroying as fast as he can who is against our nation. I repent that we systematically took God out of everything and still continue to do so. I repent that some are still believing in the lies being spoken by our government and president. I repent that we are believing evil is good and good is evil. I repent for turning our backs to you O Lord. I repent for our stubbornness and doing things our way. Lord look at this nation now it is falling quickly by your mighty hands. You give us the choice to Love You FREELY! Lord I thank you that you are not a Dictator, and that you sent your SON JESUS CHRIST to die for me. What can we say, nothing, because we are full of sin. Lord Jesus please come back to our hearts and minds. Lord please protect us until you come for the Victory belongs to you. Lord forgive us for getting exactly what we asked for. Lord I pray you come against leaders who continue to want to destroy your people and the Christians who all LOVE YOU! Lord I pray for eyes to see, ears to hear, and accept what is truly happening. Lord I pray for discernment to overflow our minds and hearts. Lord we will show you through our obedience that we love you. We stand today in our hearts, minds, and feet that God is NOT DEAD, and He is Alive and in Control. Walk the walk of Christ, Live the Life Worthy of God, and Be Worthy of The Lamb Of Jesus. Amen


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