Prophecy Updates on the World and What God Says

Updated 12-26-2015

If you want to know what the Word of God says about what is happening in our world today then visit our Prophecy Update page These pastors provide updates each week on what is currently taking place around the world and what God says accordingly. As you may notice the world is getting crazy and people are getting cold (Matthew 24:11-12). They do not care and if you do not understand this than it can cause you to become angry. I am sad to say this is and will get worse. 2016 is going to be an eye changer for a lot of us. We pray and hope you are right with God!

You may visit our page and you may ask questions if you like by visiting here All your questions are private and will be taken seriously. Please know we will answer you according to what scripture says. We have experienced how people do not want to hear the TRUE GOSPEL. Jesus came to save the lost (Matthew 18:11).

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR WHAT IS COMING!! Ever watch a movie and you can see what will happen next? Have you watch someone’s life and you have been there and you can see what they will do next? Well the bible tells us what will happen, and those who are filled with the Holy Spirit can explain what the Word of God says, but be sure you are listening to a True Believing Person or Pastor – read here for more

Have a blessed day, and pray for our nation!

Prophecy Updates on the World and What God Says