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Violence In Jerusalem by LHWM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leads the weekly cabinet meeting at in Jerusalem, October 11, 2015. (Amit Shabi/Pool)The violence in Israel and Jerusalem has escalated greatly since September 2015. Many things have contributed to this and nations are quickly turning against Israel. Scripturally this is to be so, and as True Believers in our heart we pray and stand with Israel, because of God Almighty. Israel will stand alone in her final moments, because God will be her defender (Zechariah 12:3-5). This will cause many to fall upon the Lord and Believe once again (Zechariah 12:10-14). So as you read scripture, you know this is just the beginning of the violence taking place in Israel and Jerusalem. Why is there so much violence?…… 

Violence In Jerusalem by LHWM


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