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Welcome to Living His Word Ministries, Inc. We are a ministry that teaches God’s word through living scripture from the Holy Bible that leads and points to Jesus, not us. People are dying, hurting, struggling, lost, abused, abandoned, depressed, emotionally disturbed, and much more in this fallen world. Time is running out and more people are facing life challenging events each day. If you are looking to be set right with God, restored and reinstated then Holy Scripture will do this (Galatians 6:1). We provide that necessary teaching throughout our site.


LHWM Weather, Identity, and Other News

This page is UPDATED WEEKLY with weather news, identity news, and other news that involves the weather, artificial intelligence, rfid, tracking you, biometric, spying on you, world news and much more that is not covered on TV. These news are about what is happening around the world. These news topics ARE NOT on this site and the videos are up for two weeks at a time. So much is occurring that the videos are being added weekly.

LHWM Daily News

This page is updated daily (except Sundays) with news that lines up with scripture.

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