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Sea Life and Birds Dying, Why?
Almost daily we hear in the news or read an article about the sea life and birds dying off in masses? They are dying and there is no explanation according to this one article “OCEAN LIFE IS DYING IN MASS, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY?” this article states: In the past 70 years researchers have found that… more

For those that believe what the Word of God says, please remember while watching these videos that God is in control and getting our attention. This is also showing how close we are to the rapture, Antichrist ruling and Christ returning. Earth is dying because God is allowing this. He is going to create a New Heaven and a New Earth. Man cannot stop God’s plan.

Revelation 21:1 And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

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JerusalemFor years, the international community and the U.S. government have described the West Bank in Israel as “occupied.”

That is, governed by Israel even though Palestinians claim ownership.

But just days ago, the U.S. State Department discontinued that description.

The agency’s new “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017, released Friday, assesses human rights in nearly 200 countries and territories.

“These reports are required by U.S. law and are used by a variety of actors including the U.S. Congress, the executive branch, and the judicial branch as a factual resource for decision making in matters ranging from assistance to asylum,” the department said.

There still is a reference to the “Israel-occupied Golan Heights,” but that same description for the West Bank has been dropped…. more

Matthew 5:37 HCSB But let your word ‘yes’ be ‘yes,’ and your ‘no’ be ‘no.’ Anything more than this is from the evil one.

Top 8 Bee Pollen Benefits (No. 7 Is Remarkable)

Bee pollen - Dr. AxeDid you know that bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human body to thrive? That’s why the German Federal Board of Health has officially recognized it as a medicine.

Bee pollen is wonderful for natural allergy relief and is responsible for the many health benefits of raw honey. It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids and bioflavonoids — making it an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral agent that strengthens the capillaries, reduces inflammation, stimulates the immune system and lowers cholesterol levels naturally.

In fact, bee pollen contains more protein than any animal source and more amino acids than equal weight of eggs or beef … and those are just some of the top bee pollen benefits…. more

I wanted to know how bee pollen effects your body so I did some research and this article appeared. I like Dr. Axe and use a lot of his articles pertaining to candida albicans. I hope you find this article helpful as I did. I bought my bee pollen from Nature Sunshine. If you become a member and do not know anyone you can choose Norma Newsom.

To receive Nature Sunshine at Member cost please use SPONSOR NUMBER 10355NEWSOM, NORMA J — I have known Norma for over 20 years and I trust her. FYI, No I do not make any money off of this just merely supporting a friend I have known for a very long time. She is in her 70’s and has an enormous amount of knowledge concerning herbs. She helped me with my back pain.

May help boost energy.
Is a whole food.

How It Works:
Bee pollen is true gift from Mother Nature. It contains many essential nutrients. The Greeks called it the “nectar of the gods.” Bee pollen contains up to 35 percent complete protein, 22 amino acids, B vitamins, 27 mineral salts, trace elements and several enzymes. NSP Bee Pollen is naturally dried to preserve vital enzymes.

Bee pollen.

United Socialist States of America: “Crazy Bernie” wants to give everyone a government job — what could go wrong?

Your grandfather’s Democratic Party is dead and gone, as evidenced by its hard-Left turn away from ordinary everyday Americans who make this country work.

The latest evidence of this massive shift in political ideology is a serious legislative proposal by Sen. “Crazy Bernie” Sanders, an “independent” from Vermont who honeymooned with his wife back in the day in the “worker’s paradise” known as the Soviet Union.

Seems Bernie thinks everyone ought to have a government job, and ought to make at least $15 an hour doing it. No word yet on how Bernie would pay for this boondoggle other than “taxing the wealthy” — who, presumably, will continue working at whatever it is they do rather than taking a Bernie-supplied government gig.

About Bernie’s government jobs for all plan, he’s not quite finished with it, The Hill notes. But we are assured that the proposed legislation is on the way… more

Yes, sex slave cults are REAL, and another Hollywood actress just got arrested for allegedly helping run one

‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack arrested for role in alleged sex cultComing on the heels of infamous sex scandals like “Pizzagate,” Harvey Weinstein, and Jimmy Kimmel are new reports about an underground Hollywood sex slave ring co-led by former “Smallville” actress Allison Mack, who was recently arrested for her alleged involvement in luring new female recruits as slaves for her cult “master.”

Mack, 35, was reportedly a direct “slave” of Keith Raniere, the head honcho of a fake multi-level marketing company in upstate New York known as “Nxivm” that basically functioned as his own personal sex trafficking and forced labor cult. Mack was allegedly tasked by Raniere with finding fresh girls to join the cult, which she presented to potential new recruits as a mentorship and support group for women.

After taking the bait, girls who agreed to join were quickly summoned into sex slavery, and were forced to have sex with Raniere whenever he pleased. They were even held down as his initials were burned into their private parts with a cauterizing pen, according to criminal filings, during which Mack allegedly pressed into their chests and told them to “feel the pain” and to “think of [their] master.”… more

Queering Government Schools: Just Say No

There are three major reasons to keep your children home on the Day of Silence:

1.) To remove your children from exposure to yet more corrupt ideas and coercive social pressure.

2.) To communicate to administrators, faculty, and school board members that if they allow instructional time to be disrupted—and yes, refusal to speak disrupts instructional time—your children will not be present.

3.) To prevent political protests from metastasizing in government schools.

Efforts like the Day of Silence are not solely or centrally about ending bullying. These efforts are intended to eradicate moral distinctions between right and wrong sexual behavior and to mainstream homosexuality and the “trans” ideology. One can oppose both bullying and the Day of Silence.

Efforts like the Day of Silence, the school sexuality-indoctrination bill, and Dykstra’s recommendations for “transing” preschools are about using public monies and captive audiences of children to transform their moral and political views. That is not the role of government employees. The presupposition on which all of these efforts are based is that homosexual activity and opposite-sex impersonation are moral, which is an arguable belief—not an objective fact….more

The End is Nigh: Ten Reasons Why

While it is impossible to know the day or hour of the Rapture of the Church (Mark 13:32), it is however, possible to recognize the season of His return and our subsequent deliverance (1st Thess. 5:1-3, Hebrews 10:25). For those who would assert our ability to even wonder when Christ could return as soft date setting, just remember that Christ chastised the Pharisees’ and Sadducees, as well as the city of Jerusalem, for not recognizing the season of their visitation (Matt. 16:1-4, Luke 19:41-44).

We are to be actively watching and waiting for the Lord’s soon return (Luke 12:37). This does not mean we sell all of our belongings and move to a mountaintop to idly wait, but to live our lives recognizing that our departure is soon at hand. We are to hold loosely to the things of this life, and to understand the temporary nature of our current existence. When we do this, we renew and sustain our hope and faith in Christ, whilst living in a world that is aggressively falling apart…. more

Italian Embassy To British Hospital: Remove The Ventilator From Alfie Evans And We Will Accuse You Of Murder — THE LORD HEARD OUR PRAYERS – READ WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!

On Monday, before Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Great Britain removed the ventilator from two-year-old Alfie Evans at 9:17 p.m., the Italian Embassy in London issued a warning to the hospital, seeing as Italy had granted the child citizenship on Monday so that he would be allowed to leave the U.K. and seek treatment. Tom Evans, the toddler’s father, wrote on Facebook: “Alfie has been granted Italian citizenship. Alfie belongs to Italy.”

As The Daily Wire reported on Monday, “Alder Hey Children’s Hospital claims it’s not in the boy’s ‘best interests to stay on a ventilator and maintains that further treatment is futile.’ The boy’s parents, alternatively, wish to continue to fight for their baby’s life.”

The Christian Legal Centre, which represents Alfie’s parents, stated: “The Italian ambassador has urgently contacted the court with a request for the Italian government to be allowed to intervene in the case and seek the return of their citizen Alfie Evans to Italy.”… more

BREAKING: New Court Hearing Set For Alfie Evans After Surviving Night Of State-Mandated Life-Support Removal

Sick 21-month-old Alfie Evans is defying the medical team at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, still fighting for his life after the state mandated that his life-support be removed. After breathing on his own for hours on end, the hospital finally gave the boy oxygen and water, says father Tom Evans.

And, now, more hope is seemingly on the horizon for the young family: “A High Court judge is preparing to consider further issues in the case of a 23-month-old boy who has been at the centre of a life-support treatment battle. Mr Justice Hayden is scheduled to oversee another hearing in Alfie Evans’s case in the Family Division of the High Court in Manchester in the next few hours,” reported Metro on Tuesday morning…. more


Woman Got Saved and now Speaks about the Lifestyle She Lived

LauraPerryFacebookLaura Perry of Bartlesville, Oklahoma once lived life as a man despite growing up in a Christian home.

Most people knew her as “Jake,” according to Baptist Press.

Perry, who is now a Christian and no longer living a transgender lifestyle, said at one time she would have applauded recent news of a transgender man having a baby.

Trystan Reese, a transgender man living in Portland, Oregon, has given birth to a boy with his partner of seven years, Biff Chaplow. Their son, Leo Murray Chaplow, was born July 14.

Instead, Perry is speaking out against it…. more